Focused on treating each client as an individual

Why Trust Us?

Reach focuses on treating your needs by listening to your goals, working together to reach them and deliver results with the highest chance of success. As mainly mobile therapists we come to you, meaning you can be treated in the comfort of your own home.  If you would rather come to us, we have a fully equipped room at The Gym, Cheltenham. We cover:

Soft Tissue Therapy

Helps to prevent injuries, prepare the body for activity and recover. We can also assess musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries and disorders, which enables us to select the most appropriate massage and advanced techniques in order to treat the injury or dysfunction. We will also provide advice, guidance and rehabilitation procedures to assist with on-going healing and prevent future injuries.

Benefits Include:

  • improves healing time
  • reduces inflammation
  • increases range of motion
  • relieves muscle tension
Head Therapist - Jennie Andrews - Reach Sports Massage - Gloucestershire

How Are We Doing?

I’ve been a client of Jen’s from the beginning. As a martial artist I push my body to the limit but Jen is never phased and gives me the advice I need to stop any injuries from recurring. As a result I have far fewer injuries – even though I am getting older! She has referred me on to specialists when needed and is worth every penny (and more!).

My painful calf muscles have been sorted at last thanks to Jen who performed some advanced sports massage techniques to remove the knots and tightness. Ran 19 miles yesterday and it was fine. You did a great job sorting it out – thanks!!!

Reach treatment was professional, clearly targeted my injuries and the results were quick. After just one session both areas had eased significantly and as my sessions progressed I could see a big improvement in day to day pain reduction and increased mobility.